The approach of physics from a researcher's point of view has many implications and encourages a new interesting way of thinking that can be a valuable skill. For instance approaching the fundamentals of physics like is time absolute or discrete, or is there a preferred direction in time, without knowing what we know today and answering these questions in an objective way, you realise what its really like from a researcher’s point of view. (Jigyasa)

🌟 Course Description

Imagine you want to understand the World around you from scratch. You have no prior knowledge about Physics, but all the maths is available to you. How would you start? Where would you begin? (Dr Bár)

We will be adopting a researcher’s point of view and use it to re-discover physics from scratch. There will be no secrets and no buts. You will encounter physics at its full depth and breadth and have the opportunity to develop a profound and deep understanding of its intellectual foundation.


🌟 How does the course work?

The course will run as follows:

  1. Videos with content, problems and open questions will be released every week. You will work through them independently.
  2. A week after the release there will be an opportunity to discuss questions, your answers to the open questions and problems in a 1h long live review meeting.

<aside> 💡 It is possible to join the course at any time. The review meetings will be recorded, and it is also possible to ask questions about previous videos in future meetings, if they have not been answered in the previous review meeting.