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Are you a student age 15 or 16 who has a very strong interest in maths, theoretical physics or computer science? Are you fully devoted to pursue the subjects of your interest? Do you aspire to follow a career in research?

If your answer to all three questions is a strong "yes", then you should apply for the BeyondResearch scholarship programme!

(If some are a “no”, but you still want to learn more about physics and maths, check out PhysicsBeyond!)

🚀 What is the BeyondResearch programme?


One of the greatest physicists of all time, Sir Isaac Newton, has said that he was only able to see so far because he was standing on the shoulders of giants. But before you can stand on the shoulders of giants, you first have to climb your way up! BeyondResearch is going to help you getting there!

The BeyondResearch programme is a bespoke, comprehensive and intense two year mentoring programme that has been designed for dedicated, driven and ambitious students age 16-19 interested in maths, theoretical physics or computer science, who aspire towards a career in research.

🎯 What is the aim of the programme?

Our aim is to help you develop the skills to be able to participate in theoretical research by the time you become a first year undergraduate at university. Are we hearing someone saying that this is too early? You are too young? Sure, you can wait; but if you feel ready to embark on this journey - why should you wait? Remember that throughout history many outstanding scientists made their most important discoveries in their early twenties. Why not working towards joining their ranks?

The famous theoretical physicist Max Planck got his PhD at the age of 20. If you feel ready to kick it off, why should you wait? Planck didn’t and neither should you!


⚙️ How do we achieve this goal?

Through an intense two-year comprehensive weekly mentoring programme with a focus on discovering mathematics from a researcher’s point of view, and where the participants are taught in a small group and encouraged to conduct research projects within small teams.

To make better sense of our approach we need to break the problem down first: To be able to do research requires knowledge, skills and understanding. The knowledge can be broken down into knowledge of the basics and the specialist knowledge depending on the research project you do. The skills can broken down into thinking skills, technical + subject specific skills as well the soft skills required for research. Understanding emerges by fusing acquisition of knowledge with thinking skills through the active linking of your prior knowledge with newly acquired knowledge.

DALL·E 2022-09-09 21.28.08 - A human mind connected to the universe in blue seeing the equations of general relativity in blue, digital art.png

By pursuing mathematics from a researcher’s point of view, while also building the necessary soft skills, BeyondResearch takes a comprehensive approach to help you build your foundation as a researcher effectively and holistically. The main focus lies hereby on the skills and how to develop understanding rather than the sole acquisition of detailed high-specialist knowledge. Note that the emphasis is on ‘sole’ and ‘high-specialist’; you will acquire quite a bit of knowledge about maths that is typically not covered in first- or second-year undergraduate maths courses, like many-sorted first-order logic and category theory!